How effective is running for weight loss

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Is running for weight loss effective? How much can you lose weight if you run daily?

Since ancient times, running has been used as a means of weight loss. Recently, it has gained wide popularity, as it helps not only to bring your figure into shape, but also to heal the body. In order to understand whether running for weight loss is effective, it is necessary to evaluate its effect on human organs and systems.

How effective is running for weight loss



If you decide to use this sport to eliminate extra pounds, then to achieve positive results you must consider the following indicators of the body:

  • Age. The metabolic processes in young people are much faster, so with regular physical exertion, calorie consumption will be faster. Details here.Therefore, they will need less time to achieve their goals;
  • Weight. In this case, everything is simple: the more kilograms a person needs to throw, the more intense and longer his training will be;
  • The presence of chronic pathologies. Diseases do not allow a man or woman to subject his body to high loads, so they choose a sparing pace of running, the duration of which is also significantly limited by the doctor.

Positive effects of jogging on the human body:

  • optimization of metabolic processes. Calorie burning occurs due to the conversion of body fat into energy necessary for sports;
  • blood supply and organ function improves due to the supply of additional oxygen to the circulatory system;
  • Strengthening muscle tissue, which makes the figure taut and slim.

The effectiveness of running for weight loss depends on the following parameters:

  • intensity;
  • equipment;
  • duration
  • regularity;
  • running time.

The effectiveness of such physical exercises is proved by the fact that when jogging, a person weighing 70 kg loses up to 600 kcal in 1 hour, if the duration of the training increases to 2 hours, then 1100 kcal is consumed. With well-chosen running parameters for 1 hour, a loss of 1000 kcal is achieved.

If you run on a treadmill



Electronic treadmills


mechanical treadmill

Many people do not have a suitable place nearby (sports field, park) for jogging. A good alternative for them will be a special simulator – a treadmill. It can be installed in an apartment, a house or enroll in a sports club, where a trainer will help you choose the right duration and intensity of classes.

The following types of treadmills:

  • mechanical. They are compact and inexpensive, equipped with counters indicating calorie consumption during training, running speed and distance;
  • electric. On such simulators, the user himself selects the desired training program. The main advantage is the presence of a heart rate monitor, the ability to change the slope of the track. In modern simulators, there are built-in TVs, connecting headphones and downloading their own tracks. Premium devices have Internet access and a simulation of rough terrain, and built-in fans will allow you to transfer yourself from the hall to an open area.

Important: professionals recommend conducting classes on a treadmill 1 hour after a meal, as this maximizes the effect of fat burning.

At the end of the workout, it is also undesirable to eat food for 1 hour. For the purpose of losing weight, use the interval running technique. It implies a change in speed (5 km / h and 10 km / h) runs every 1-2 minutes. This training lasts 10 minutes.

Constant classes on such a simulator have the same positive effects on the body as regular running. The figure takes on a slender look, and the extra pounds gradually disappear.

How to properly run to lose weight



In order for the run to bring a positive result, it is necessary to choose its parameters correctly, which directly depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Beginners are advised to consult a doctor on this issue. It is better to choose a place for classes away from highways and crowds, as well as with a flat and not too hard surface. This will not allow you to constantly face obstacles and prevent possible injuries.

It is recommended to start with the easy pace of walking, especially if you have never practiced this sport before. This will make it possible to prepare and adjust the body systems for subsequent loads. Depending on the level of your physical fitness, the distance and intensity of walking gradually increase, turning into an easy run. After the first days, pain will appear in the muscles, but this is a regularity, therefore, to acquire the desired shape, you need to continue training.

When switching to fast running, it is important to control your condition and, at the slightest deterioration (pain in the heart, shortness of breath, tachycardia), stop training. You may need a longer period to increase the speed and duration of the run. After you have reached the required shape, you can try to change the intensity every 100 m. On the first day, such an alternation of pace is allowed no more than 2-3 p. Subsequently, you can go to rough terrain, where overcoming obstacles increases the speed of the process of converting fats into energy.

Recommendations of specialists:

  1. Watch your breath, it should be rhythmic.
  2. Take your time to build up the pace. Fast running is not always effective.
  3. Choose the optimal jogging program that is right for your body in the fight against excess weight.
  4. Choose high-quality and comfortable clothes and shoes for classes.
  5. The optimum temperature is -10 0 С – +30 0 С.
  6. Take a run at a specific time.

When and how often is better to run

Running time also plays an important role in the process of losing weight:

  • morning. Muscles, the cardiovascular and nervous systems are strengthened, the body is prepared for stress, the mood improves and the body is taut;
  • evening. It provides enhanced burning of calories, which in this case will not be able to be deposited in the form of fat overnight.

An evening run is considered more effective in terms of eliminating extra pounds. Running at any time of the day should last at least 1 hour. After 30 minutes, fat burning starts, so you need to choose the right jogging mode so as not to get out of the race ahead of time. For beginners recommend training 3 p. per week, and then gradually increase their number to 4-5. In the morning, jogging is done no earlier than after 30-45 minutes. after rising, and in the evening – immediately upon returning from work, and not after rest. In this case, the body does not have to restart the work of internal processes, and the process of losing weight will occur faster.

Important: in order not to cause insomnia, it is better to run in the evenings 2 hours before bedtime.

The right running technique

During such training, you can get dislocations, sprain and other injuries. Therefore, the following rules must be observed:

  • maintain a vertical position so that the back is straight. Do not lean forward and backward;
  • the elbows should be bent at right angles and move to the beat with the legs;
  • landing takes place on the toe, while the foot is located under the knee;
  • raising legs should not be carried out too high;
  • fingers are slightly bent, but not clenched;
  • shoulders must be kept lowered and not strained;
  • steps should not be too wide.

There are 2 running techniques:

  • a jogger;
  • interval.

In the first type of training, energy is generated from the glycogen of muscles and the liver. Only after 40-50 minutes. this process affects body fat. Thus, in order to start the process of burning excess kilograms, you need to run monotonously for more than 1 hour. At the same time, the main drawback of the jogger is the high consumption of muscle mass, not fat to obtain the necessary energy.

Interval running has the following advantages compared to jogging:

  • short duration – 20-30 minutes;
  • getting rid of excess fat without negative effects on the muscles. They acquire relief, which is an important indicator for athletes who want to lose weight;
  • short intervals of speed change make the body think that you are still in fast motion. Therefore, it speeds up the process of energy production by burning fat.

The technique is based on the alternation of intensity. First, they conduct some exercises that provide muscle training, and then perform walking in place. After that, they switch to a slow run, which after 2 minutes. replaced by a more intense one. Training can be carried out as follows:

  • a jog at a speed of 9-12 km / h at a distance of 100 m (2 min.);
  • sprint at the highest possible speed at a distance of 100 m (2 min.).

Ends with a jogging, moving into a calm walk. After this, an exercise to normalize breathing is performed.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that interval technique is preferable for people who decide to lose weight.

What result can you count on

According to the observations of specialists, a person during such a sport can achieve the following results in terms of getting rid of excess weight:

  • jogging, conducted 4 p. per week, helps to get rid of 1 kg during this time;
  • interval technique allows you to lose 2 or more kilograms per week;
  • weekly when using a treadmill, you can lose 0.5-2 kg.

It should be remembered that it is important to exclude alcohol, flour and other high-calorie foods from the diet.

Possible contraindications

A doctor may prohibit the use of such training for weight loss in the presence of the following pathologies:

  • ARVI;
  • previous strokes and heart attacks;
  • heart disease;
  • tachycardia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • glaucoma and other eye diseases associated with myopia;
  • arthritis;
  • lung diseases
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • ulcer;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • acute stage of a chronic disease;
  • flat feet;
  • endocrine dysfunction.

Important: if there is a history of surgical interventions or injuries, the doctor conducts a full examination of the patient to find out how safe this sport will be for him.

About the importance of nutrition

In order to eliminate fat from the abdomen, sides and other parts of the body, it is necessary not only to play sports, but also to observe the following principles of nutrition during this period:

  • Before jogging, it is allowed to drink tea or kefir, eat an apple. This will not lead to a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, but it will not leave him hungry. It is also forbidden to eat foods with a high content of fiber or protein due to their slow absorption;
  • after class, eating is allowed no earlier than 1-2 hours. You can drink water;
  • the menu is made in the proportion of proteins to carbohydrates 1 to 4;
  • flour, fatty and fried foods, sweets, fast food are subject to exclusion;
  • it is necessary to eat boiled meat and fish, cereals, vegetables, herbs and fruits;
  • drinking water should be clean, but should not be boiled. The required daily volume is from 2 liters.

According to people, the combination of sports running and proper nutrition will help speed up the process of losing excess weight. But remember that before starting classes you need to consult a doctor about the possibility of using such a sport for weight loss. If you get permission, then try to choose the right methodology or consult a specialist for advice.

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